Modular house is a building method, where house is separated into different parts. These parts are specified as modules. One module can serve as single living unit or be part of the whole house.
Module techonlogy provides opportunity to preinstall all communications: electricity, HVAC, water and sewerage system in factory conditions. 
Module techology provides opportunity to make 90% internal and outside finishing in factory

Modular house parts made in the factory:

- floor elements
- wall panels (internal, load bearing and external)
- intermediate floor panels/roof panels
- terrace panels
- construction elements (laminated timber, metal beams etc.)
- preinstalled electrical, HVAC, water and sewerage systems
- 90% finished internal and outside decoration

Modular house construction quality:
- thorough project preparation (project management and project engineering)
- we use only certified and good quality, strength graded timber
- certified and well known building materials
- correct wet room and communications (electricity, HVAC, water and sewerage systems)
- internal finishing quality control

- factory made elements quality control
- protecting modules against rain through delivey period

Finishing quality:
- assembling of modular elements, connecting and levelleing, protecting against rain
- assembling quality control and documentation
- making sure the building is airtight
- making sure all parts are done correctly considering building engineering physics